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Coast guard patrol boat 135 600mm Sweden RC Model ship kit

Self-assembled and colored (production time takes about 32 hours). This kit includes: hull, superstructure, fittings, power (380 motor). This kit does not include: remote control, ESC, battery, paint, etc. NOTIC: THE ITEM WILL POST FROM CHINA. Your action will help us offer our milk and bread. I will do the same for you. I will […]

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Coast guard ship model handcrafted museum W37 boat to scale model one of a kind

My father, David Prongue, was a model maker. It is the centerpiece of the museum, the handcrafted, to scale model of the USS Bowfin. Last picture on the right. The piece was recently appraised for over a million dollars. Before he was comissioned to make the Bowfin model, he made this model. This is a […]

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