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Schooner Bluenose II Wood Ship Model Sailboat 38 Fully Assembled Boat

This high quality, highly detailed, intermediate level, Schooner Bluenose II Model is Brand New, fully assembled and ready for display (not a kit). A moderate skill level is required to raise the masts and adjust the rigging. This Schooner Bluenose II Model was specially designed & built by the plank on bulkhead method (joining multiple […]

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Schooner Atlantic 1/8=1′ model ship kit (Bluejacket #K1010), new, free shipping

Fully assembled models of the Atlantic sell for thousands of dollars. The Schooner Atlantic was the winner of the 1905 Kaiser’s Cup Transatlantic Race. Built in 1903 this sleek, three-masted steel-hauled yacht was the height of luxury and faster than most other boats afloat. She set a record for the West to East crossing of […]

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