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USS MISSISSIPPI 1870 Scale 1/100 21 inch wood ship model kit steamboat

Size: Length 540 mm (21 inch). Included here is a youtube link to opening the product package. Today the Mississippi steamboat are a symbol of the American West. Through the film came “typical American steamer” on the Mississippi River to fame, however, was the spread in many other rivers. Its flat hull and the large […]

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MISSISSIPPI 1870 wood ship model kit

Mississippi is a typical representative of the first river steamers, which appeared in America in the early XIX century, thanks to the efforts of the judge and entrepreneur Livingstone. In 1807, the first-born of this series – Claremont off on its maiden voyage, which ended quite well. And in 1840 in the United States only […]

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Mississippi River Model Boat Built By John Lindo Spain

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